Lifespan by David Sinclair - Discussion Topics

I am not going to do classic book reviews on this blog. Any book already has plenty of reader's opinions and frankly I am not always qualified to critique some of the scientific claims that an author may present. I'll defer to the masses and the experts for those thoughts.

What I will do is offer some discussion questions that I think are worthwhile for the longevity community.

  1. A central idea to Sinclair's book is that there is a singular cause for aging, namely loss of 'information.'  Do you find his claim convincing or simply convenient? How so?
  2. Is the pursuit of a singular aging cause worthwhile, or are we better off tackling it in a multi faceted approach?
  3. Which of Sinclair's research findings to you find the most exciting? Most terrifying?
  4. In the legend of Prometheus, stealing fire from the gods brought him eternal torture. Sinclair presents some potential consequences to 'curing' aging - are we ready for a world in which aging stops? 
  5. Are you ready to start taking a pill that prevents aging? What if it only slows it down? 
  6. Suppose a pill that prevents aging is available, should it be mandatory, similar to vaccination?
  7. When do you think you are going to die? What would it take to change that expectation?