Tips on Moving More in an Office

The following seven tips can help you get moving in cubicle world.

  1. Drink Lots of Water or Coffee - Pretty soon, nature will be calling and you better answer! Speaking of calls... 
  2. Be an Active Listener on Conference Calls - By that I mean stand and stretch, to some curls with your stapler. See if you can be on the brink of sweating by the end.
  3. Have Stand up or Walking Meetings - at your next staff meeting, ditch the chairs and conference table.  You'll want the meeting to end sooner, so you go sit down!
  4. Take the Stairs - Get healthier, and stronger, and avoid awkward elevator moments!
  5. Park Far Away - This is an example of an intentional inconvenience. 
  6. Walk to Lunch Locations - Like above, this will incorporate another workout into your day. Bonus points for getting fresh air.  Bring a friend to pass the time.
  7. Play Games - Put up a basketball hoop on your cube, or pull out the bean bags on Friday afternoons.