Ongoing Reviews of Mindfulness and Meditation Apps

There are a bunch of meditation apps out there, and plent of people have their reviews posted on Apple Store or Google Play. However, for a quick intro to each one, you can take a look at my own experience.

As of December 2019, I have tested:

Waking Up by Sam Harris.

Very cerebral, but easy to use.

Ten minute mindfulness exercises are a very accessible duration. I did the full fifty challenge. I didn't experience any profound difference in my life, other than being more conscious of trying to be aware of what is happening vs. in a constant reactive state.

Sam's foray's into the nature of consciousness may be a bit distracting at times, but he's a smart dude, so he get's a pass.

Calm Founded by Alex Tew and Michael Acton Smith, guided by Tamara Levitt

I love how this one starts off with "take a deep breath" as it loads. Tons of options.

The founders are more of internet and media creatives who happen to be mindfulness and meditation fans.

Tamara is the one with all the street cred.

Insight Timer founder by Chris Plowman.

This one is more of a meditation app, which is a bit different but not totally disconnected from mindfulness.  A bit unwieldy to navigate, but hey, it's free!

Chris is also a former internet/software guy who seems to have meandered into the mindfulness space.

I like to keep Insight Timer around as a sort of mindfulness library where I can go "check out" a new meditation.

In queue:

Headspace - just dabbled in intro courses, fun layout.